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Mending Hearts...

with Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you are recuperating from a heart attack or heart surgery, you may need to take part in a rehabilitation program. You can do your cardiac rehabilitation close to home, in Madelia! 

Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to help patients exercise safely and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. It usually includes: an exercise program, education and support in making lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and adopting a healthier diet.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab:

  • Improve your ability to carry out activities of daily living
  • Reduce your heart disease risk factors
  • Improve your outlook and emotional stability
  • Increase your ability to manage your health
  • Improve quality of life



Call 507.642.5211 to set up an appointment!  

Upcoming Events

By appointment, only $10. Call 642.3255 to schedule. Participants should bring their own foot soak basin and towel. Arrive 15 minutes before to begin soaking.
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Meetings held in the Amberfield Apartment Dining Room, connected to the hospital. We welcome new members of all ages. Please join us at any time, whether you...
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