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Urgent Care: 507.642.3255
Hospital: 507.642.3255
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Digital Radiography

An inside look, so you have total peace of mind.xray

Patients receive the latest in high-quality, diagnostic and treatment imaging services at Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic. They benefit from the expertise of board-certified radiologists, as well as skilled and compassionate registered technologists.

Request a referral

If your doctor orders a radiology examination, request a referral to Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic.  We gladly provide radiology services to patients of all area health care providers. Call 507.642.5221 for information on how to receive radiology examinations locally in a comfortable and convenient environment.

Technology Improving Quality and Saving Time

Our Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) is another example of technology at work at Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic.

McKesson PACS allows images to be distributed electronically and interpreted on computer workstations. PACS is used with all imaging tools including standard x-rays, CT, MRI, Mammography and bone densitometry (DXA).

Using PACS allows physicians and radiologists to securely access images faster, reducing wait time and improving patient care. 

How to Request Films/CDradiography:

By phone call:  507.642.5221
By fax:  507.642.3848

Please provide:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Date the exam was done
  • Type of exam your are requesting
  • Body part (if you have had more than one test)
  • Hours for pick-up: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

What to Bring for Pick-Up:

To take your films/CD you must:

  • Present a photo ID (driver's license, passport, or other state or federal-issued identification)
  • If you are having someone pick up the films for you, send a note stating you are releasing your medical records to the person picking them up for you.
  • You can also fax in any request in writing to: 507.642.3848 with all the information that's needed as listed above.

Where to Get Your Films/CD

Films/CD are available for immediate pick-up at the reception desk at Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic.