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Madelia Community Based Collaborative

What is MCBC?                                        

The Madelia Community-Based Collaborative (MCBC) works towards the goal of improving the health and well-being of the citizens and families in Madelia. The local group currently includes broad community representation consisting of members from the Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic, Madelia School District, Tony Downs Food Company, Public Health, Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society, Minnesota State University, Mankato Nursing Program, Luther Memorial Home and Watonwan County Vision for Families and Children. 

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MCBC, SHIP and the Rethink Your Drink Project in Madelia


Madelia: Rethink Your Drink

In 2013, a community health needs assessment was conducted by the Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic. The assessment found that the top three health concerns of Madelia residents are obesity, cancer and diabetes. Working to increase access to healthy beverages throughout the community is one strategy to improve the overall health of all residents, and to decrease the incidents of obesity and diabetes.  

Studies have repeatedly shown a direct link between the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soda, sweetened teas, flavored milks and sports drinks, and significant weight gain in children and adults. Just drinking one 12-ounce serving of a sugary drink each day has been shown to lead to weight gains. Those sugary beverage-caused weight gains have been a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic, which today stands at 28 percent in Watonwan County. The county’s diabetes rate is also higher than the state average.

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Madelia: Rethink Your Drink is reaching out to local organizations, businesses and individuals to voluntarily participate in the effort to increase the consumption of healthy beverages. MCBC is implementing a community-wide campaign, providing education and resources to community members regarding the health benefits of consuming healthy beverages like water, low-fat milk, sparkling water, tea, coffee and fruit-infused waters instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Madelia: Rethink Your Drink is not about banning or taking anything away, but it is about empowering and educating citizens to make healthier beverage choices. For example, an interested worksite could choose to improve their vending offerings, ensuring a variety of healthy beverage options are available when employees purchase beverages. In addition to partnering with businesses and organizations in Madelia, MCBC is mplementing a community-wide campaign, providing education and resources to community members regarding the health benefits of consuming healthy beverages. 

“The heart of this project is about making the healthy choice the easy choice,” says Chera Sevcik, Statewide Health Improvement Project Supervisor for Faribault, Martin & Watonwan Counties.  “It creates an opportunity for community partners to encourage healthy beverage choices, and it gives the citizens of Madelia the information and opportunity to voluntarily make healthy beverage decisions. It’s not about banning or taking anything away, rather empowering citizens to make the healthier choice.”

Rethink Your Drink Projects

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