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Patient Information

Release of Information Form                HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices             Aviso de prácticas de privacidad

AdmissionPatient Room

A. On admission to the hospital you or your personal representative are responsible for providing accurate information to the admissions person. This information includes:

  1. Name.
  2. Address and telephone number.
  3. Birth date, Social Security number, Employer.
  4. Name of person responsible for bill.
  5. Insurance company numbers. You will need to show your insurance cards with each admission. They will be photocopied so that accuracy is assured. If your insurance company is other than Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Assistance or Medicare you are responsible for letting the admissions clerk know if your insurance company needs to be notified of your stay. We will be glad to work with you to have your stay certified.
  6. Name of person to notify in case of emergency.
  7. If you wish, you may include your religion and/or pastor preference in your chart.
  8. Current medications, past illnesses and hospitalizations and any other matters related to your health care need to be shared with staff at this time.

B. Services that are included in the hospitals basic cost per day are:Comfort Rooms

  1. Double Room
  2. Nursing Care
  3. Meals
  4. Local Telephone Calls
  5. Color Cable TV with remote control.

C. Each patient may retain and use their personal clothing and possessions, as space permits, unless because of medical treatment this is contraindicates. Ex.: surgery, coronary, IV’s.

D. Items of any value are encouraged to be taken home by family members or placed in the hospital business office safe. All personal items should be marked. We assume no responsibility for loss of personal items such as money, jewelry, clothing, glasses or dentures beyond reasonable care in daily handling.

E. No electrical equipment may be brought from home unless checked by hospital maintenance director. Battery operated radios and razors are okay.

F. The hospital will not allow the use of double beds nor locks on the patient’s doors.

G. Meal Times: Breakfast at 7:30 a.m., Lunch at 11:30 a.m., Supper at 5:30 p.m.

H. Guest meals are available from our kitchen, please contact nursing to coordinate.

I. To make an outside call from a patient room, please press 9.

Visiting HoursPatient Room Blue

Normal visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Patients are in the hospital for rest and treatment and we ask visitors to cooperate with this as much as possible. Family and clergy visiting are unrestricted and are permitted 24 hr/day. Arrangements may be made for your family members to rest when you are hospitalized. We encourage open communication for the welfare of you and your family. Physician’s rounds are usually done around 8 or 9 a.m. should you wish to speak to the physician in charge of your care. We ask that noise be kept at a minimum for the rest and comfort of our patients.

If you are not from the area or do not have regular pastor, a list of clergy from area churches is kept at the Nurses Station and at the Business Office. Feel free to contact them or ask a staff person to do it for you. We have no staff chaplain.

There is no public cafeteria in the hospital. Snack vending machines are available just off the front lobby. There are several local restaurants in the community, see the local visitors guide. If you are not familiar with our community, please ask staff for directions. If you feel you are unable to leave the hospital you may notify the Nursing Station and a meal will be sent out from the kitchen upon payment.

Health Care Directives

Implementation of Patient Self-Determination Act of 1991. It is the policy of the Madelia Community Hospital to respect and encourage patient self-determination. This policy will make it possible for patients to be active participants in decision making about their care. We hope this encourages patients and family to communicate their preferences and values regarding their care. Each patient has the right to have a Health Care Directive. These documents express your choices about your care or names someone to decide if you cannot speak for yourself. If you have a written directive you should provide a copy to the hospital, your doctor and your family. The hospital/doctor will notify you in a timely manner if they cannot follow your wishes so that you can be transferred to another facility that will accommodate your wishes. If you have no directive and would like to learn more, information is available for you and your family to review by clicking here.Meditation Romm

Organ Donation

The Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic does participate in the Donor Program under the guidelines set by the Life Source Organization, information is available at the Nurses Station.


We are not a research hospital, however, we will cooperate with a patient’s request in continuation of their therapy and work with the research facility to the best of our ability.

Admission To Patient Room

On admission to your hospital room you will be asked a number of questions about the reason you are in the hospital, the medication, previous illness, allergies, etc. The nurse will do a physical assessment and initiate your plan of care in cooperation with you and/or your representative, and your doctor. You will be informed about your illness, possible treatments, likely outcomes and discuss this information with your doctor. If you do not understand your doctor or nurse or feel you are unable to follow the treatment plan you are responsible to tell your doctor or nurse.

You have the right to refuse any treatment. If you refuse a recommended treatment you can receive other treatment and available care as planned with you and your doctor. If you refuse any treatment at all and the physician feels you are putting yourself at risk you will need to sign a refusal. It will be placed on your record to release the physician and hospital from any liability.

Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic will give you necessary health services to the best of its ability, but in some cases treatment referral or transfer may be recommended. If transfer is recommended or requested by you or your representative you will be informed of the risks, benefits and alternatives. You will not be transferred until the other institution agrees to accept you. At least one registered nurse is on duty 24 hours a day. You will be cared for with regularity and continuity of care and progression toward your discharge.

Each patient will have the right to respectfulness and privacy as it relates to your medical and personal care program. Discussion of your case by all caregivers is confidential and shall be conducted discreetly. Every effort will be made to assure your privacy during toileting, bathing and other activities of personal hygiene, except where assistance is needed and for patient safety. Staff will respect your privacy by knocking on the door and getting consent to enter, except in an emergency.
Your treatment records are always confidential unless you have given permission to release information or reporting is required or permitted by law. Every effort will be put forth to protect your privacy, individuality and cultural identity as related to your social, religious and psychological well-being.


For your convenience a call button is at your bedside. All you need to do is push the button and a nurse will answer your call either in person or through the speaker system in your room. Each room has a telephone and television. The telephone is available for your private use for local calls, press 9 for an outside line. To place long distance calls we recommend the use of a phone card, if one is not available the business office can assist you in billing your home phone number. If necessary a collect call can be placed. Should you wish to communicate with your family or others without interference please contact the nursing department so that this can be arranged.

Your communication rights are limited only when medically advisable and when the physician documents in writing in your care plan. You will receive your mail daily unopened, unless a legal guardian requests in writing that mail be reviewed. Interpreters are available for non-English speaking patients, the blind and the deaf.

Choice of Supplier

The hospital has a very limited supply of walkers and commodes in our loan closet that are available for your use after discharge. You may also rent goods or services from any supplier of your choice.

Discharge Planning

Soon after your admission to the Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic plans will be started for your discharge. Many of you will return to your own home and care for yourself as before, but some will need more care when acute hospital care is no longer appropriate. Social Services, nursing staff and physicians will visit with you and your family on realistic care alternatives. Some of these include Swing Bed, Nursing Home, Home Care, Respite Care, Meals-on-Wheels, etc. Before you depart please stop at the Front Desk/Business Office to make sure everything is in order for payment of your bill.

Patient Responsibilities

A. You are responsible for being considerate of other patients by: Assuring a roommate’s privacy.
Limiting your visitors to two at a time during specified visiting hours.
Reminding visitors to maintain a quiet atmosphere and observe smoking regulations.
Using television, telephone, radio and lights in a manner that is not disturbing to others.
B. You are responsible for keeping appointments. If you cannot, you should notify the doctor, hospital or others concerned.
C. You are responsible for supplying accurate and complete information about past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health.
D. You are responsible for notifying your doctor or nurse about any unexpected changes in your health problems.
E. You are responsible for letting us know immediately if you do not understand instructions or if you feel that they are such that you cannot follow them.
F. You are responsible for following the treatment plan established by your physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health care professionals as they care out the doctors orders.
G. You are responsible for your actions, should you refuse treatment or not follow your doctors orders.

Services Provided:

Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic is accredited as a Critical Access Hospital through the Joint Commission Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.